Tuesday, 25 November 2008

When I win the Lottery... Polar Bear Bookshelf

This cheerful and utilitarian chap is yours for only £2128.00 from nest.co.uk. As a child I always wanted a pet woolly mammoth, or a polar bear, so I would really like this book shelf! It's a whopping 1.5m high and 2.06m long, so Joe (that's his name) would be like an additional member of the family. Isn't the design enticing? I want to stack my books and DVDs on there! Joe is designed by iBride (they have a beautiful website, well worth a visit).

If Joe's price tag is a little out of your price bracket, then fear not, iBride offer some beautiful designs for the smaller budget. These trays are stunning, and available in a wide variety of colours and motifs. (All available at Nest.co.uk)

ibride Ambroise The Courtier Serving Tray £80
ibride Stag Serving Tray £35.00

iBride Bear Serving Tray £35
(Look it's Joe again! and he brought you some flowers. How could you resist!)

Images via nest.co.uk

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