Thursday, 20 November 2008

Walnut & Cherry Chocolate Brownies

My lovely friend Laura gave me a beautiful cookbook for my birthday. I usually source recipes off the Internet, and copy them down onto scraps of paper, which then live piled up in a draw. (Our printer is currently out of action). So it was an absolute delight to cook from a book, especially one which is put together so nicely. Now I want one of those great cookbook stands, so I don't get messy dough on the book!

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The first thing I chose to bake were some Walnut and Cherry Chocolate Brownies
A similar recipe is available here. (Swap the pecans for walnuts, and the chocolate chunks for 100g dried cherries). They are delicious - exactly as she promises, the walnuts and cherries provide a counterweight to the chocolate, and also create a lovely texture. Thank you for the lovely gift Laura! Next thing I will cook from the book is going to be from the 'healthy section'.

(Image by me)

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