Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tesco and Cath Kidston

You are probably well aware of this, but just in case, like me, you don't shop at Tescos here is the low down.

Tesco has been working with Designer Cath Kidston to create a range of re-usable grocery bags. At a cost of £3.50 each these are well worth collecting. Most people have probably been sensible enough to get each new design as it is released. Sadly, I missed out, and have only just realised that I would quite like to own them all (Imagine how fun it would be to do a big shop at the supermarket, and then pack it all into these beautifully coordinating bags!) This realisation was triggered by the release of the 'christmas themed' final Cath Kidston bag.

A selection of the bags are available on ebay at inflated prices, but the Christmas design, and possibly some others are available at larger Tesco stores now.

£0.50 from each bag will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care. The bags are produced from nine recycled plastic bottles each. The recycling process is explained on Tesco's website as such:

  • Plastic bottles are collected and cleaned
  • Bottles are crushed into pure clean flakes
  • Flakes are reprocesed
  • Yarn from reprocessed plastic is produced in the Cath Kidston design
  • Fabric is stitched into the bags
  • The bags are transported to Tesco supermarkets
I will definitely be getting one of these bags! The Christmas themed bag would make a really great alternative to a stocking, or hamper, or could even be used instead of wrapping paper.


Biba said...

I really love these bags, such a good idea... for some stupid reason our pokey little Tescos doesn't stock them! grrr

Alison said...

Oh my God! I wish I shopped at Tesco. Just had a look on eBay and they're going at inflated prices. Typical! Love the blog, by the way. Might post another comment on a more recent post as you probably won't get this one.