Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Seventies Bungalow

Like most design conscious girls, I love nothing more than relaxing with a new magazine - and no magazine more so than Living Etc. Whilst I adore this magazine, I don't usually enjoy the house tours that much. Whilst the photography and the homes are beautiful, it just doesn't seem attainable to me, which is slightly off putting. But! Everything changed this month. In the December edition of Living Etc they highlight a modernized 70's bungalow in Nottingham. Owned and decorated by 'self confessed Christmas addict' Tim Rundle, this home is an absolute delight. It's a subtle but quirky mix - the styling is overtly Christmassy, but that just seems to add to the charm. The best part is that the most pieces are affordable - many sourced from TK Maxx.

You can see lots more images online here. I would however recommend having a look at the magazine, Page 34. (You can't beat the impact of a glossy magazine).

(Images via livingetc.com)

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timfalle said...

Dear Elizabeth,
forgive this delayed response, i have just found your post on the photos of my house from Living etc.
Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments.
Thought you might enjoy my blog, a dreadful indictment of my hoarding addiction! One i suspect you share.


thanks again for your reaction to the christmas photos,

best wishes