Thursday, 20 November 2008

Quest28 on Etsy

I'm disproportionately pleased to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop, and put up my first listings (the address is My respect goes out to the people who do this on a larger scale. Listing your own handmade items really opens the door to self criticism. (You could spend hours trying to get everything just right!).

On a more positive note, here is are some photos of the listings.

And a screen shot of the shop:

These little Christmas tree decorations are handmade by myself. The mainly consist of upcycled paper, from old Children's Encyclopedias, and are then crocheted. At the moment I'm selling them in packs of 5, in red & white, more colours to follow shortly. Click here to see the listings.

Over the next few days I'll be adding some Paintings on, as well as some Candles and Greeting Cards. Wish me luck!

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