Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nikkala Sofa Covers

We bought our sofa as part of a house clearance, along with a beautiful chair, and a lot of rubbish. I have always assumed it was an Ikea sofa. Today I came across the Bemz website (via Twins' Garden Style blog). Bemz sell covers for Ikea sofas and armchairs, in a fantastic array of colours. Whilst browsing their website I came across a model which is very similar to our sofa. It's the Nikkala 3 seater. (pictured above) After a quite a bit of browsing and searching, I'm pretty sure it is that model.

The best part: Bemz still sells the covers for this sofa, and whilst prices aren't exactly cheap, it would allow us to completely change the look of the sofa. (It's extremely comfortable, so we would like to keep it anyway.)

This is our sofa at the moment. A few alternative options below:


Or (my absolute favourite..)

And, if that wasn't enough to get me excited, you can also mix and match your covers. Like so:

As you can see from my sofa photo, ours has 4 cushions, rather than the usual two. But fear not - Bemz also sell separate cushion covers. They also sell the fabric separately, so you can fashion your own table cloth or curtains. Swatches are available free of charge. Endless possibilities!

Images via Bemz.com (except for my photo, which is via moi).

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Anonymous said...

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