Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Mocha Chip Election Night Muffins

Election coverage on TV doesn't start until 23.30 tonight, so I am passing the time by baking and photographing muffins. I came across this recipe whilst searching for light & healthy muffins. Half way through baking them it occurred to me that there is categorically nothing healthy about them. They do taste absolutely delicious though (The glaze is pretty sugar-tastic on mine, I'm sure they would be just as scrumptious minus the topping).

The recipe is available here, I substituted the buttermilk with a mix of skimmed milk and lemon juice (I'm a firm believer in using up what is in your fridge or cupboards). If you click the link for the recipe you'll see that it is indeed categorized under healthy muffins - not just me going mad.

I've been brushing up on my photography a little recently, and really enjoying the process (basically this consists of me carting various floor and table lamps around the house, and building impromptu tripods out of occasional furniture). I'm hoping the results are improving as I go along.

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kristinmadesimple said...

these look delicious! hip hip hooray for celebrating the election! for the first time in 8 years i truly feel proud to be an american :)