Friday, 7 November 2008

Midwinter Pottery

I started collecting ceramics when I was at University, and mostly focused on 1950's and 1960's pieces. I've got my inner hoarder under control these days, and haven't bought any ceramics recently. However, my love of vintage ceramics cannot be quelled, and if I had endless cash and endless display space, I would be collecting this pattern right now!

This is the Roselle pattern by Midwinter pottery. Midwinter was established in 1910, and became extremely successfully in the 1950's. They put out many contemporary patterns, designed by the likes of Jessie Tate and Terence Conran. I've put a few of my favourite together for your perusal. These are all available at very reasonable prices on ebay.

Sienna Pattern

Festival Pattern

Design by Jessie Tate - this style of vases are a more rare, and hence more expensive.

Quite contrary pattern (A whole set!)

All above available at the moment on ebay. Click photos to for more info. Images via respective listings.

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