Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Folksy Angels

The folks over at Folksy are hosting a lovely seasonal competition at the moment, called Folksy Angels. The brief is to create handmade Christmas Decorations using recycled materials. For more information about the competition, prizes and rules visit the Folksy Angels Flickr Group. You still have until the 30th November to enter, so get crafting!

After trying to crochet plastic bags into ornate patterns for a while, I decided to run with these heart ornaments for my entry.

The paper is from old damaged children's encyclopedias. The yarn is from an old wool acrylic mix sweater, which I (painstakingly) unraveled. I really enjoyed working with the paper from the encyclopedias, the font is beautiful, and the age shows nicely. It's quite heavy paper, and by combining several layers the ornaments became sturdy and hang nicely. I tried to include topical illustrations and text in these ornaments (it's mainly about trees).

The Sweater

Halfway through unravelling.

After separating the various parts of the jumper, I unravelled it all, and then separated the white and red yarns. (This took the longest, and although I tried to convince my boyfriend it was really fun, strangely, he didn't take to it ).

Visit the Flickr group here to see other entries, there are some really great ideas floating around. Once you get in the mindset of thinking about recycling, you start to see possibilities everywhere.

You can vote for the winner of the competition between 1st and 3rd December, so make you visit the Folksy blog then to cast your vote.

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Labour of Love said...

Bonjour, Elizabeth! I found you through my flickr slideshow featuring 'hearts' and I am in LOVE with your newest creation-'heart ornaments.' I adore hearts and simple yet amazing photos, creations etc. You are truly talented and I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to feature you on my blog and showcase your 'heart ornaments.' Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing more of the beauty you create...thank you for sharing such loveliness! xo jo ;)