Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas Card List

The Christmas Card List - a long list of people, who you hardly ever have any actual contact with, but whom feel obliged to send a Christmas Card to. Do you have such a list?

My parents have one, in fact most people of my parent's generation seem to have one. I have memories of my Mother writing out what seemed like hundreds of cards. More recently we had a family newsletter, which gets sent out to all contacts on said list. I rallied for a spoof newsletter, declaring that my brother had become a ballet dancer, and the rest of the family had joined a commune and now worshipped garden gnomes. Anyhow, I digress.

I currently do not have such a list of my own. It may be a requirement to have one if you wish to qualify as an officially responsible adult. Or perhaps I will wake on my 40th birthday (in 15 years time) and realize that a list is now in order. Or perhaps it's a sign of the ages (cliche alert!) that we no longer have actual lists, but rely on our email address books to contact people.

Last year I did design a little digital Christmas card, which I thought was great, but no one else seemed particularly impressed with. Meet Christopher, the Christmas Robot. It doesn't show up here, but his antennae, eyes, the stars and the writing flash. What's not to love.

This year I'm planning to design another (more tasteful) e-card, but am also hoping to send out some 'proper' cards. And I just realized I better do it soon! ( I am finally coming around to the actual point of this post...)

Here is a small round-up of some of my favourite Christmas Cards available out there:

Jo Jo The Dove, details from an original French political poster from the 50s.
Available at the here V&A Shop, £6.50 for a Pack of ten. (Image via vandashop.com)

Christmas Card (Tree) by The Home Press at Folksy. £3.00 (they have a really great range, different designs, printed with hand carved Japanese plywood, which sounds really fancy and fun)

Reindeer Christmas Card by Tikki Tembo at Folksy. £1.50

Screenprinted Christmas Cards by paperleaf at Folksy £4.50 for pack of 5

Hawaiian Christmas Card by twoguitars at Etsy $3.00 (Many other lovely designs available)

Season Greetings Pod Cards by thecraftpantry at etsy $ 8.00 for eight.

All images via the respective sellers.

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