Thursday, 13 November 2008

Birthday (Word of the Day)

birthday noun
  1. The anniversary of the day on which someone is born or something is created.
  2. The date on which someone is born or something is created, more commonly called birthdate or date of birth. (Source:
****That is me, on the left, on my 7th birthday. That was 18 years ago. Yes, I am turning a quarter of a century old today!

In your teenage years, each birthday comes with a new added bonus. You turn 17, you can learn to drive! You turn 18, you can officially drink and buy alcohol! When you turn 25, the only added bonus is that the cost of your car insurance might just go down. Unfortunately, mine didn't.

Please note the utter ecstasy in my face as I behold my new tea-set (in the picture above). I still remember clearly how delighted I was. That's my mum in the foreground, who is the best party-planner and master-of-ceremonies anyone could wish for. (Nice hair mother! :)

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Happy Birthday.