Wednesday, 22 October 2008

When I win the Lottery.....Compasso Mirror

We have been looking for an interesting, utilitarian mirror with a budget price for a long time. They don't seem to exist - either they are too boring, too bulky, or overpriced. However, when we win the lottery, this one could be a winner!
(You can, however, keep the nasty clothes rail in the picture - those things give me nightmares. If you ever move to a house without wardrobes, don't kid yourself into thinking you can live with just clothes rails. They are evil instruments of the underworld. They will collaps at 4am, waing you up and making you think you are being burgled. They will collapse onto you at 8am when you are rushing to get ready, and will bruise you. They will collapse pretty much all the time - just heed my warning and stay away!)

Compasso Mirror - £576 available at (for £59 extra you get a 'pocket empty tray' that clips on the back).

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kristinmadesimple said...
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kristinmadesimple said...

that mirror is gorgeous!! i moved all the furniture around in my bedroom and now have space in the corner, perfect for a full length mirror like this one. if only, if only...