Friday, 10 October 2008

When I win the Lottery.... Polder Sofay

Image from Lollipopshoope

This lovely sofa is called 'Polder Sofa' and was designed by Hella Jongerius in 2005. It's available in three sizes, and in the colours green (above), red, and anthracite. As pointed out by "The corpus of the Polder Sofa is just as low-lying, just as much emphasis on the horizontal". What more could you want from a sofa! It's priced at £3969 - £4778 for the largest (xl) version, which is 3.33m long. Available at, for more photos & info click here. When I win the Lottery...this will be pretty high-up on the 'To Buy' list. I adore the different coloured fabrics, and especially the one black upholstery button.

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