Friday, 10 October 2008

Oo ahh

I just stumbled across these, and think they are absolutely fantastic. I've never seen this idea before, but would love to know if these are available elsewhere.

Photo from

These are 'Helen Candle Shades' which you place on top of a wine glass. Pop a tealight inside the wineglass, and hey presto, you have a table light/lamp. (I wonder if it gives a slightly different glow, depending on what colour/size tealight you use...hmm)

Finally I have a reason to buy extravagant wine glasses from the Clearance section of TK Maxx. They often sell sets of beautifully shaped wine glasses, where one is missing. (we have three huge bulbous ones, now I just need the lampshades!)

For £9.95 you get three of these vellum shades, in different design. Click here to shop.

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