Tuesday, 7 October 2008

An Ode to Denby

During a recent trip around an indoor Antiques Market I discovered this:

I've never been a particular fan of this type of pottery, all though you can't beat it for rustic charm. This beautiful collection however really caught my eye. What an incredible palette! The pictures below show mostly Denby & Langley Pottery. Denby Pottery Company is an English manufacturer named after a village in Derbyshire. They became popular for their stoneware clay ranges. Langley Pottery was based nearby, and after a tumultuous history merged with Denby.

The colours have been occupying me for a few days now, and in an attempt to get them out of my system I created a little visual 'Ode to Denby':

Sidenote ----> Denby will be celebrating their 200th Birthday in 2009, and are going to bring out a range of bicentennial pieces (click here to view or pre-order).

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