Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My Living Room

One of the reasons I originally set up this blog was to document our 'Quest' to redecorate our home after we moved in last February. Of course, the process of actually doing it took up so much time I never got around to starting this blog. 8 months later, we have completed one room, and nearly finished two others. So I would like to share some of our current decorating dilemmas with you.

The Living Room

This is one of the 'nearly finished' rooms. By nearly finished I mean: We did the bulk of the work on this room in the first week, and then ignored the rest. So the curtains are still the ones originally in the room, and there's an awful lot of snagging to do.

In an attempt to make completing this room a more tempting task, I created a pretty To Do list:

So today I'm going to focus on deciding on Window Treatments, Rug, and upholstery fabrics, and I've put a few things together. The room is currently very neutral, with strong lime green shots of colour.

I started out on this mood board focusing on neutral shades, but quickly became absorbed by the purples. I'm nervous about putting in too many colours (there's the lime green, some pink, and possibly more purple), but would hate nothing more than a 'neutral' Living Room'.

For the window treatments I've pretty much decided on the right side option (again I was dead set on neutral, but it just looks a little too boring!). Perhaps I will select a darker shade purple for the dress curtains.

As there is a radiator below the window, deciding what type of curtain or blind we should go for was difficult. It gets quite cold at night where we live, and we currently fold the curtains onto the window sill in the evening, to ensure that the heat can stream out freely from the radiator. After much umming and aahhing, we figured a roman blind with a simple dress curtain would be most practical. Now all we need is a curtain maker with a budget pricing structure!

Rugs from Prestigous Textiles ,Fabrics from Globaltex & Prestigous Textiles.

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kristinmadesimple said...

what a pretty to-do list. don't be afraid of too much color :) i love the green and purple rug. beautiful! the green striped fabric would look fantastic with it! i can't wait to see pictures.