Monday, 13 October 2008

Hella Jongerius for IKEA

Last Friday I posted the 'Polder Sofa' in Friday's 'When I win the Lottery' post (here). That Sofa, with a hefty £3969 - £4778 price tag is designed by Dutch Designer Hella Jongerius. Her designs are known for the attention to detail, and also the individuality of each item. (Note for example the single black upholstery button on the Polder Sofa).

So what would happen, if Hella Jongerius was asked to design a decorative item that would be mass produced by IKEA? Well, Exactly that did happen in 2006, and the results are below!
Ikea Ps Jonsberg Vases, £19.99 each.

These vases were truelly a departure from Hella Jongerius' usual work, in the sense that they were mass produced. She still retained her approach to design though, and all the vases are handcrafted in China, and thus all slightly differ. There are four different designs, all crafted using different methods.

Hella says: "Usually my work is quite expensive because it is always made in small editions. This means that it is often bought by museums and collectors. I am delighted at the idea that now, at last, everybody can buy one of my products, because beautiful things should be accessible to everyone. I hope that the purchaser keeps the vase for a long time, and that every vase leads a happy life. I am optimistic about this because they are attractive, they fulfil their function, and they are made with love. You couldn´t ask for more from a vase." (Source:


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Cecilie said...

I have fallen in love with the terracottacolored vase, but it seems like it has gone out of date. Only the three other colors remain...