Monday, 6 October 2008

Cupcakes In Real Life

After playing around with cupcake designs on the weekend for Illustration Friday's topic 'Sugary' (see my post here) I was desperate to try to bake some. Now up until a few weeks ago my cookery & bakery repertoire was rather pathetic (I believed I could only cook something that came out of a jar and was completely idiot-proof). As I have a bit more free time on my hands at the moment, I decided to experiment a little. We have attempted several dishes over the last few weeks, and even puchased a cook book. I'm pleased to report that cooking and baking isn't nearly as difficult of complicated as I thought! (It is however quite expensive, especially if you don't have any of the spices/oils/herbs/pastes/trays/pots/utensils etc in your cupboard).

Back to the cupcakes ---> It took us a good hour to track down some decent cupcake trays, but after purchasing some great red silicone ones from a pound store, we attempted to bake Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes. They ended up tasting delicious, even though we iced them after supper and two bottles of wine.

There seem to be a lot of cupcake recipes about at the moment - cupcakes are in fashion! This could probably be attributed to Ms Carrie Bradshaw eating her
Magnolia Bakery cupcake in an episode of 'Sex and the City'. (The cupcake hotspot is also mentioned by Andy in 'The Devil Wears Prada'). Photo by biskuit (pun not intended!)

Our cupcakes may not be up to Magnolia Bakery standards, but we were pretty pleased with our first attempt.

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kristinmadesimple said...

cookbooks are great! cooking and baking are definitely not as hard if you can follow a recipe (that's how I am...) your cupcake looks darling on the plate!