Thursday, 23 October 2008


A momentous thing has occured. We have a working ceiling light in every single room in our home. Last week my brother James miraculously repaired our Living Room ceiling light (above). We had lived with just table lamps in that room for 8 months! It's a nice little surprise everytime I remeber that I can just flick the one switch and flood the room with light. (Makes me wish I had called an electrician earlier, but for some reason I can't bring myself to spend money on it!)

After James reapried that light, one of the circuit breakers (technical term for the little flicky switch boxes in the fuse box) broke. This meant that slowly all of the ceiling lights in our house ceased working, one by one. In summer this may have been bearable, but now that the winter darkness is creeping in, I need my lights! Today James came over again, and created more miracles! I now have working lights in every single room. This miracle involved a trip to an Electricians Supply Store, which was on top of a mountain (everything here is on top of a mountain).

James has just started his training to become an electrician, which he is enjoying a lot, and which promises a varied and interesting career for him. As an added bonus, our family now has an on-call electrician, who can be paid in cupcakes, beer or pizza (or all 3)!
Thanks and Good Luck James - I've got lots more things for you to practice on!

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