Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Telephone Table Before & After

I acquired this little table for £15 at a local Trash & Treasure / Antique store. The poor thing was outside and being rained on every day. In the end I just had to take it home.
I sanded all of the wood down, primed and painted it with Dulux satinwood paint (which I had mixed to match to the fabric). I also stripped, or rather scraped off, the mustard-coloured leather.

The seat fabric is 'Flopsy' by Prestigious Textiles. It's available at a great price
here on ebay. (Check out some of the other great fabrics available there).

I enjoyed this make-over so much, I went out and bought another telephone table! I'll post as soon as it's finished.


Lauren V said...

Oh, that is adorible! Now I'm going to have to look for a telephone table. It would be quite handy in a mudroom or foyer for putting on your shoes. Or writing down your shopping list before running out the door!

Bobble said...

This is lovely. I've done a lot of painted furniture recently for our new home (well the flat is not new, it's 1851, but you know what I mean!)

It may be a chore sanding and undercoating and what not but the sense of satisfaction of rescuing something unloved and recycling /repurposing it is immense. Well done you!

Rachel VW said...

Wow, stunning!

I have an ugly telephone table in my entryway that every time I pass I wish I could do something with.
Unfortunately we are renters so it's hands off. It makes me sad.

Your table is beautiful!

kristinmadesimple said...

i saw your table on designsponge today and it is gorgeous!! it looks fantastic in your home. your blog is also fantastic, i am very inspired :)

Jackie said...

Wow, it turned out great! I love the color you painted it and the fabric as well. Great job!

Tara said...

Oh that is really cute. I love the idea of a telephone table, how fabulous. That fabric is just lovely and the colour is beautiful.

I always wonder with stripping and repainting old furniture if one day someone from Antiques Roadshow or similar are going to shake their head and say 'before you painted it value 3000 dollars, now, perhaps $50'.

kristinmadesimple said...
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kristinmadesimple said...

My friend and I admired this table so much that I HAD to comment on it yesterday. Imagine my surprise when on our junking trip today, we found a similar table (not quite as cool, but pretty cool nonetheless) at our local habitat for humanity resale store. Crazy! My friend bought it and is going to use it to place her bedroom tv on when we get through with it.

Anonymous said...

I have one I found on the street (without a cushion) but I can't sand it down for some reason. What kinda sand paper, etc. did you use? I tried steel wool but that was useless.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone for your very kind comments! It's spurred me on to do some more furniture revamps.

In respone to Anonymous' query:

It could be that your table is made of laminate wood, which is almost impossible to sand (Laminate is what most Ikea furniture is made of, with a slightly shiny and extremely even surface).

If this is the case, you will need to focus on getting the right primer. This will then give you a good base to apply the paint colour of your choice on to. (At the moment the paint would probably not grip, even if you sanded it for hours). The best primer would probably be an oil based one, or one specifically for plastics. Ask at your local DIY supply store what they recommend.

Your other option would be to decoupage the table, for example using old comics, or newspapers. It's probably more time consuming but could give a really interesting result. (You can buy lots of beautfil decoupage papers on ebay).

If it's not laminate wood, then the only reason it won't sand down would be because it's heavily glossed, in which case you just have to keep sanding.

It could also be veneered wood, in which case the same applys as for the laminate. Get a good quality primer, and use as directed.

If you want to send a photo I can probably tell you a little more specifically. (elizabeth@questtwentyeight.co.uk)
Good luck!