Thursday, 11 September 2008

Seaurchin (Etsy UK)

Despite clicking away furiously for quite some time, I can't find a way to categorize Etsy sellers by their countries. (I believe there is a map which will highlight any sellers near you, but no concrete way of separating UK sellers from all others). Whilst I quite enjoy buying items from the US every now and again, I'd like to focus on UK sellers here. The first Etsy shop to feature is Seaurchin. Selling a range of beautiful ceramics and sculptural jewellery, this shop offers unique pieces with organic detailing.

Based in Bristol, shop owner Lisa says 'I do not fight with the clay to make neat edges and smooth, even surfaces, preferring instead to leave the tool marks, the raw edges and the natural texture of the clay.' This natural texture contributes to the charm and you can really see the artist's work in each item.

Take a look at all the other great items for sale here. Thanks to Lisa from Seaurchin for showing off her lovely work.

More UK Etsy sellers featuring soon.

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