Friday, 19 September 2008


One place I have always desperately wanted to visit is New York City. Despite being an American citizen myself, I have never been there. A friend of mine is visiting soon, and my bubbling seething jealousy inspired me to write this post.

Photo by Kevin Labianco

Top of my NYC-To-Do-List is Central Park. It's 843 acres in size and is home to sculptures of (amongst others): Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland (with friends), Hans Christien Andersen (below), a famous sled-dog called Balto, and three bronze bears.

Photo by wallyg

There are approximately 12778 yellow cabs in New York. I'm sure I have seen most of them have featured on Sex and the City.

Photo by ~Boston Bill~

Pretty high up the list is the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). At the moment they are showing 'Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Rum: The Art of Appropriation', 'Wunderkammer: A Century of Curiosities',' Here Is Every. Four Decades of Contemporary Art' and much more.

Photo by *Your Guide

There's about a billion other places I'd love to go, including spending a day in Brooklyn with Design*Sponge's Brooklyn Design Guide. When I do go, it will have to be for at least a week. If anyone is going soon, or has been recently I hope you enjoy(ed) it!

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