Friday, 12 September 2008

Ikea To Do List

Shopping at Ikea is more an activity than a shopping trip. With its late opening hours it conveniently fits into the working day. You can have a very reasonably priced (and reasonably healthy) meal, and then enjoy late-evening peaceful browsing. Personally I would quite happily go there just to peruse, and not buy anything (well perhaps just a mug, or tea towel.) It's not that I adore everything there, far from it. But I do really enjoy the basics and the cheerful colours, it's such an optimistic approach to interiors.

So this is an IKEA To Do List, not a Wish List...

Andrea Rug, to go under the coffee table to keep my feet warm, and the sparks from the fire off the carpet. Ivetofta candle holder, to keep out the creeping darkness of autumn. Ljuvlig Mug, for all the Mulled Wine I plan to make. Urban chair, for the new-and-improved kitchen (if I ever get started). Blomster candle sticks, I love candlesticks, and these are beautifully simple. Jorun cushion covers, as 'someone' spilt red wine on our current ones.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to Autumn?

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travelswithmywife said...

Ikea grows on you - kind of.