Sunday, 14 September 2008

Chainstitch Rugs by Zaida (Autumn Fair)

This week I visited the Autumn Fair at the NEC, where over 2000 suppliers showcase 500,000+ home, gift and design-led gift products (it's a bit like mindboggling, airport-sized gift store - I got lost at least 6 times).

Amongst the masses of reproduction Rococo mirrors, and reproduction french vintage metal advertising plates was this:
Zaida are a UK company who sell chain stitched Rugs Cushions and accessories. These products are produced in Kashmir, a north-western state of India, by cooperatives of adults who work in their own homes, in a kind of 'cottage industry' and who set their own rates. The products are hand stitched using best quality wool and cotton, meaning they can be washed as wool at home.

There is a large variety of designs, from Kandinsky and Klimt inspired modern designs, to more floral and natural designs. The chain stitching looks wonderful close up, very tactile and colourful. Many of the rugs would also make great wall hangings.

The rugs are also reasonably priced, costing an average £175 (incl VAT) for a 5x3 foot rug. For most rugs there are also matching cushions.

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Marsbarseller said...

I like the rugs and how they are made.

The prices sound reasonable to