Saturday, 6 September 2008

Birds in the Bedroom

For this very first post I chose something personal. Today I finally got round to hanging the water colour birds I was given for Christmas.

My Grandfather painted these lovely birds 20 years ago. He gave them to me at Christmas (not as a Christmas present, more as a sidenote). Since I framed them in Ikea frames, and painted the mountboard they have been resting on the radiator of the bedroom all summer, but now it's getting cold I figured it might just be time to finally hang them.

My grandfather was a talented painter, and it's nice to have some of his work in my house. I've also still got 4 further of these bird paintings, and plan to frame them and give them to my brothers.

Apparently it's bad luck to hang pictures of birds inside the house, but I figure the family connection cancels that out.
(Excuse the picture quality - I was eager to get this first post done!)


Anonymous said...

I remember him painting these just after he lost the sight in one eye due to a stroke, imagine !!!!!
He s a great Dad
your Mum

Treacy said...

Lovely bird paintings, Elizabeth. It is wonderful to have such a treasure from someone dear.
I have never heard the bad luck thing! Hogwash- I don't believe it. ;)